All Value Line Lasers come with a Full 2 Year Warranty

Cross Line.  Projects two line independently or together.  1/8" accuracy at 30 feet.  Range up to 165 feet. Manual mode allows for tilting lines. $175. Brochure.  Buy.  

5 point.  Projects two cross lines and four 90 degree points.  1/4" accuracy at 100 feet. Range up to 165 feet.  $275. Brochure.  Buy

3 Plane.  Projects one 360 horizontal laser plane and two 360 vertical planes for level and alignment applications.  1/4" accuracy at 100 feet.  Range up to 165 feet.  $650. Brochure. Buy

Rotating Laser.   Automatic self leveling.  Can be used in horizontal or vertical position. Indoor or outdoor use. Up to 1000 foot operating range.  $500.  Brochure.  Buy.  

Dual Slope Laser.  Dual dial-in grade (±10.0%) with horizontal and vertical electronic self-leveling. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Can be used in either horizontal or vertical position.  1/8" accuracy at 100 feet.  1600 foot operating range.  $995.  Brochure.  Buy.