Choosing the correct software for your application is very important.   Most of the software that we sell is loaded onto data collectors and used in the field to collect data and make calculations.   Office software is used to process the data collected in the field into drawing and to convert AutoCAD files into data that can be used in the field. 

SurveyPro is our top selling software.  It has the most features, cogo routines and is very easy to use.   Fully integrates with Nikon and Spectra Precision equipment. Brochure.   

LayoutPro is built for contractors and construction professionals.  Use LayoutPro software to increase you accuracy and productivity on the job site.  Brochure

SurvCE supports the widest range of total stations, robots and GNSS receivers.   Easy to use, full featured software.  Brochure.  

Carlson Office offers a full range of products from mining and takeoff to civil and survey.   Regardless of the work you do, there is a software package that can increase your efficiency and productivity.   Brochure. Video

ATLAScan allows you to process data from Polaris scanners.   Includes the ability to import and export data in a variety of forms, making it compatible with other scanners and software as well.   Brochure.  Video.