Teledyne Optech is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced lidar and camera survey instruments for airborne, mobile and terrestrial mapping. Their newly released products bring years of technological expertise to tripod and mobile scanners.   

Polaris.  The Polaris delivers accurate and precise data faster than ever before.  It bridges the gap between short range scanners that were fast but didn't go very far and long range scanners that went a long way but were very slow. The Polaris comes in three configurations with three maximum ranges to allow you to find the right product for your job, and for your budget. On the one end is the TLS-250 with a 250m range and a price tag under $55,000. On the other end is the TLS-1600 with a long 1600m range and a price tag around $105,000. In the sweet spot is the TLS-750 with a 750m range and a price tag around $85,000.  Pricing includes free ATLAScan Software for processing data.   Brochure.  Data Sheet #1.  Data Sheet #2Video #1Video #2. American Surveyor Review. Request a Demo.  

Maverick.  Maverick was developed to fill the need in the industry for a portable and powerful mobile mapping unit.  The Maverick combines a high resolution 360 degree imaging, high definition lidar along with an integrated GPS receiver.   It is capable of collecting up to 700,000 data points per second as well as high resolution images.   It also provides real time display and feedback.   At under 15" tall and 14" wide Maverick can be utilized in a wide range of projects and applications.   It can be mounted on anything from a car to the front of a rail car or even a backpack.   Priced around $200,000. Brochure. Video. Request a Demo.  


CMS. The CMS (cavity monitoring system) is the ideal solution for for dangerous and inaccessible cavities in standard mining operations.  Made of durable carbon fiber, the the CMS V500 contains a scanner along with a digital camera that can take both pictures and videos for easy cavity inspection and monitoring.   Includes desktop software to easily import data wirelessly from the scanning system and export in .dxf and other popular formats.   Brochure.  Request a Demo.