Focus 35 Robotic Total Station.  Allows for one man operation.  You stand at the pole and control the instrument using your data collector.   No more walking back and forth between the pole and the instrument.   Available in 1", 2", 3", and 5" versions.   Internal 2.4GHz radio built into both robot and data collector for easy communication.  Choose between Survey Pro and Layout Pro software.  Pricing starts around $17,000.   Brochure.  Video. Buy.

Zoom 90 Robotic Total Station.  Similar performance to the Focus 35.  One man operation.  Works well with Carlson SurvCE software.  Includes long range bluetooth handle for communication with any bluetooth data collector. Available in 2" and 5" versions.   Priced around $20,000.  Brochure.  Video.  Buy. 

Focus 6 Manual Total Station.   Same optics and EDM as top of the line Nikon total station.  Reflectorless and Bluetooth. Basic software allows you to store and layout points, or easily pair with you data collector and software.   Available in 2" and 5" versions.  Starts under $8,000. Brochure. Buy

Zipp 20 Manual Total Station.  Total station and data collector all in one.  Includes full version of SurvCE software.  2" and 5" accuracy.  Reflectorless.  Bluetooth. Priced around $5,000.  Brochure.  Buy

Nikon DTM322+ Manual Total Station.  A low cost solution for Construction Professionals looking for basic, accurate measurements.   Available in standard and reflectorless (no prism) models.  Starts around $4,000.  Brochure.  Buy.

Digital Theodolite.  Accurately turn angles with electronic display.  5" accuracy. Telescope tilts to plumb or carry line.  Be sure to ask about our indestructible manual theodolites.  Buy.

Automatic Level.  If you build or move dirt you need one of these in your tool box. Simple to use.  No stick, no fail compensator design. Package priced at $350. Buy