Pro Shot L4.7.  Our best selling laser.  Simple to use.  No false readings.  Massive operating range of nearly half of a mile (diameter).  You can't buy a more accurate laser.  Complete package price $995.  Brochure.  Buy.  

Pro Shot Alpha.  Same sturdy rugged construction as the L4.7.  With the Alpha you get additional features like automatic self leveling and grade matching.  Complete package price $1,200.  Brochure.  Buy

Spectra Precision GL412/422N.  If you do lots of grade work, this is the laser for you. The GL412N allows for slope to be entered into one axis.   Dual slope capability of the GL422N allows you enter in slope (-10% to +15%) in each axis.  Additional features include remote control, automatic grade matching, planelock, and fingerprinting of the receiver to only receive this signal from this laser.  5 year warranty.  Starting under $2,100. Brochure.  Buy

Spectra Precision DG511.   Pipe lasers cost more money than grade lasers, but they are built to work in the harshest conditions.  The DG511 is rugged and simple to use.  Includes remote control.  Operating range of -15% to +40%. Brochure.  Buy.  

Spectra Precision UL633.  Sometimes you just can't get everything done with one laser. The UL633 is the swiss-army knife you need in your toolbox.    Not only is it a full featured dual slope laser, but the UL633 also has pipe laser capability.  You must see this in action to appreciate all it can do.   Priced around $3,300.  Video.  Brochure.  Buy.  

Machine Control Detectors.  Incorporate your laser with your heavy machinery.  All machine control detectors include choice of mag mount or mast and a free wireless remote display that can be put in the cab.  Prices start around $1,700.  Brochure.  Buy.