Spectra Precision SP80.   Full 6 constellation GNSS receiver.   2 watt internal UHF radio.  GSM cellular modem.  Priced around $12,000.  Brochure.  Video. Buy.

GeoMax Zenith15.  Economical GNSS receiver.  1 watt internal UHF radio.   GSM Cellular Modem.  Use as RTK Base, RTK Rover or Network Rover.  Priced under $7,500.  Brochure. Buy.

Javad Triumph-LS.  Full 6 constellation GNSS receiver.   Compact all-in-one design includes data collector.  Can configure with UHF radio, GSM modem or both.  Starts at $13,000. Brochure.  Video.  Buy. 

Javad Triumph2.  Uniquely designed receiver - fits in the palm of your hand.  Designed primarily as a static receiver, but can also be used as a base for the Triumph-LS when paired with an external radio.   Pricing starts at $2,500.  Brochure.  Video. Buy.