GIS handheld receivers are used primarily for asset management. Not as accurate as survey grade equipment, but lower cost and flexibility make them a good choice for many users.   Accuracy ranges from 4" to 4 feet depending on options and configurations. Prices start under $1,500.  

MobileMapper50.  The MM50 is our entry level unit.   Looks and works like a cell phone, but provides increased accuracy.  Standalone accuracy of about 5 feet. Internal camera and cellular modem.   Runs Android 5.1 Mobile Mapper field software included. Priced at $1,695.  Brochure.  Buy.  

SP20. The Spectra SP20 is a scaleable handheld device offering meter to centimeter accuracy. Android operating software allows for flexibility in choosing the data collection software that works for you. You also have to option to upgrade the device to higher accuracy on a limited time basis. Pay for the accuracy, only when you need it. Pricing starts at $3,500. Brochure. Video. Buy.

Geode.  Flexible, high accuracy antenna.   Standalone accuracy of less than 1 foot. Network capable.   Connect easily to most data collectors and tablets.  Runs on a variety of software including ArcPad. Custom bundles available.   Geode + collector + software bundles starting at $4,500.  Brochure.  Video. Buy.