Data collectors come in lots of different shapes sizes and configurations.  You can also add in cameras, cellular modems, and radios to increase your productivity.  

Ranger3. Our top selling model is the Ranger3.  A full alphanumeric keypad makes data entry regardless of the weather conditions.  The Ranger3 can be loaded with either SurveyPro LayoutPro or SurvCE software.  Optional configurations can be had with cellular modems, cameras, internal radios, or any combination of the 3.   Prices for the Ranger start  under $4,000.   Brochure.  Buy.  

Surveyor2.  The Surveyor2 is built with a metal housing making it very durable. Full alphanumeric keypad.  Optional configurations with cameras and cellular modems.  SurvCE software.  Pricing under $3,700.  Brochure.  Buy.  

Mesa2.  Large 7" screen with incredible visibility and battery life. Full version of Windows 10 preloaded to give you enough power both field software as well as full versions of office software. Pricing starts at $1,599 plus software.  Brochure.  Buy

Ranger 7. The best of both worlds. Large 7” screen tablet. Integrated full alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard. See it all, even in direct sunlight. Full keyboard makes for easy data entry in all weather conditions. Many different configurations available. Price with software starts around $4,500. Brochure. Video. Buy.

ST10. When you need to see it all. Large. Tough. Powerful. Large 10.1” screen. Field rugged - handles mud, rain, snow with ease. Powerful Intel I7 processor will handle all software applications. Price with software around $6,000. Brochure. Buy.